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The Dream Clean is specialized to offer house cleaning service more than your expectations. We just won't stop by cleaning the rooms’ one after the other or just by cleaning the windows and doors. But we also take immense care to provide Green and pleasant environment to our clients.

Spending three or four hours per day for house cleaning is absolutely impossible for people who have busy work schedule. Getting up early morning, cleaning the kitchen, hall and other rooms, making breakfast for kids, getting ready to office, helping your husband to get ready to office… is it all possible at the same time? Instead of doing these works all alone, why can’t you get help from affordable and reliable house cleaning service?

We have designed the house cleaning service checklist by considering all your special cleaning needs and expectations. 100% perfection is guaranteed all the time through our customized house cleaning plans. We also ensure to offer healthy home via our cleaning services, as clean house is way for happy and health home.

Below is our optimized cleaning service checklist:

General Cleaning Check list:

·         Rooms are dusted and cleaned

·         Floors of all the rooms are swept and mopped.

·         Windows are wiped in all the rooms

·         All the furniture and home appliances are dusted

·         Ceiling fans in all the rooms are dusted and cleaned

·         All the waste is disposed properly

·         All the mirrors are shined

·         Clean off all the lights throughout the house

Kitchen Cleaning Check list:

·         Refrigerator is cleaned and things are placed properly

·         Deep clean the stove and micro wave appliances

·         Polish the stainless steel appliances

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist:

·         wipe down the cabinet surfaces

·         Clean the toilets

·         Scrub and clean the tubs and showers


Other Cleaning Area's Checklist:

·         Deep clean the staircase based on flooring materials

·         Dust and clean all the other accessories

Dream Clean offers handy professional house cleaning package. Our vision is to offer punctual and dedicated cleaning service to all our clients. We are ready to provide weekly house cleaning service, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning or one time cleaning, depending on client's requirements. We offer basic package, deep clean package and Move-in/ Move-out Cleaning services.

Unclean house may cause various health problems from sneezing to severe heart problems. People can stand out of it by cleaning the house properly and also regularly. By utilizing the Dream Clean basic package, it is possible to avoid stress and unhealthy life, since pleasant house is 100% guaranteed. However we suggest using our deep cleaning package before getting the basic package for houses which has not been cleaned for past one year or so.

Our deep cleaning service is well customized for houses which are under low maintenance. If all the members in family are working and if they have very busy working hours, it is highly not possible to spend time for cleaning the house. Our deep cleaning service helps those to get special cleaning services in cost effective price.


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