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All over the Manhattan City, there is one and only one name in providing competent and reliable cleaning services for dwelling houses, The Dream Clean Company. Spread in all the boundaries of the town with presence felt for its unique Cleaning Services, promises made by the service are kept by all means with quality standards beyond expectations. Cleaning Service Manhattan provided by the Company, is an exemplary Cleaning Service of the region.


The Rendered Services:


The Company takes leading role in providing undoubtedly clean and environment friendly conditions for growth of inhabitants living in houses. The Company experts in smart dresses work in predefined procedure to implement instructions of the Company executives. They are trained in specific jobs with latest equipments and cleaning compounds suitable to human health.


The cleaning compounds are non toxic and eco friendly with no health hazards. They leave a fragrance which is liked by every incumbent of the house. The company never achieves cleanliness with hazardous acids and more basic or alkaline compounds. Only mild compounds are used but efforts and technology is added to gain quality results.


You can choose one or all services from the following services, the Company offers:


Complete basic house cleaning

Window cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Deep cleaning

Same-Day Cleaning

Moving service

Garage cleaning

Additional cleaning services

Fall and spring cleaning


Further, frequency of cleaning we offer are daily cleaning of the house which is very much in demand, weekly cleaning, bi-weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning. Apart from daily cleaning, other services are meant for specific purposes and can be availed by the esteemed customers as per their requirements.


Our move-in or move- out plans are meant for those who leave the house or go into the house for rent. Such plans help the tenant to save his deposit money being forfeited for leaving the house unclean. If the house has not been cleaned for a long time, deep cleaning plan of the house is must to clean al the corners. Thereafter the complete basic house cleaning plans should be taken up regularly.


How does the system works:


The Company is operative from a posh location in Manhattan. It can be approached personally, by phone or through email on website. Just refer to the Company cleaning services required and their frequency. You will get quote of their prices in short interval. You can compare the rates with other service providers but you will find the Company most economical one.


On being consented by you, the maid shall reach to your apartment at pre decided hour. She will carry out all the cleaning work as per agreement to the best satisfaction of the house owners. The customer can pay for the Services after full satisfaction by opening an account with the Company or PayPal or through other mutually agreed ways of payments.


What is offered by Maids?


The maids provided by the Company are highly talented and committed for work. They are provided training in all departments of house cleaning in such manners that they can deliver good results independently. They are bonded with the Company which helps the customer to get loyal and safe workforce.


Prestigious insurance Companies have insured them for all unfortunate site conditions which may trouble the customers in accidents. Their behavior with incumbents of the house is extremely cozy as they are always obedient to their masters. They follow the instructions and techniques trained to them by Company executives.


Why to Choose the Company for Cleaning Services:


Residents of Manhattan and nearby towns prefer the Company cleaning Services due to following reasons:


The Company has devised a 22 step cleaning technique which leaves no chances of blunders by the maids. A not only execution technique, the Company has also developed Check List which is ticked by the maids after performing their duties. Such fool-proof techniques render a shining house after the work is over.


The Company insists upon ecofriendly, non toxic cleaning compounds which make the environment in the house healthy and full of fragrance.


The cleaning techniques check the growth of bacteria in the house making it better to live and much better for the growth of kids.


What is so special in their cleaning procedure?


The cleaning procedure is so special because of the following reasons:


Their cleaning procedure removes meadows and molds from all corners of the house including air conditioners, refrigerators, windowsills, bathrooms and kitchens the most important places in house.


Emphasis is laid upon healthy environment in the house by using human friendly cleaners which are green as well as eco-friendly.


Check list helps to eliminate clutter and messes in cleaning.


Special emphasis is given to remove fingerprints on knobs; handles and other widely used articles because fingerprints are good carrier of bacteria.


Cleaning of lipstick stains, bubble gum, crayon marks, dirt and grime is done to do away the bacteria.


Asthma sufferers, allergic people get rid from a lot of allergens and contaminants which Company’s maids do away with better techniques. Carpet cleaning by vacuum cleaner helps to remove the risks of sneezes due to dust.


Above all, step wise step procedure adopted in 22 step program covers all aspects of house cleaning.




The wizard of house cleaning technique is unique in the sense as it provides spot free house to customers. The bacteria less house is perfect to live for good growth of kids and for better survival of other age group people. This cleanliness is achieved with green cleaning compounds thus providing no health hazards to cleaning maids.


Just contact the Dream Clean Company for all your requirements and you will find the right and perfect solution to your cleaning problems. We are open round the clock so we can work on holidays. Avail the best available Cleaning Service Manhattan to get a healthy environment in your living. Make your kids stronger by providing them an environment which helps in their healthy growth.



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