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NYC Cleaning Service

NYC Cleaning Service is the famous  service contributors in all types of cleaning needs in the city, as the name speaks itself. We offer expert cleaning jobs done in an organized manner for our esteemed clients. Adding up the personalized outline of cleanup work, at the housing areas of our clients.


  • We provide services that compliment the  cleaning needs, of both corporate and residential areas which comprises of  the whole cleaning work in a particular place whether it’s for residential purpose or corporate usage.


  • NYC Cleaning Service are here to provide services to both of them equally for numerous cleaning needs whether it is one’s office or any construction sites or the several rooms of one’s home.


  • NYC Cleaning Service offer various packages as per the choice and requirement of a client, as every person has dissimilar choices and budgets for cleaning. So, we provide them four primary packages to give them ease of choosing a package as per their requirements. The various packages are as follows:


  • Basic Cleaning Packages


  • Deep Cleaning Packages


  • One Time Cleaning Packages


  • Move in/Move out Packages


The above packages are available with us for the entire cleaning work of residential apartment or for commercial requirements.


  • Basic Cleaning Package: This package is mainly meant for those people who wish to clean their homes on an every day basis. In these cleaning programs, our panel of professionals visit’s one’s house and inspect rigorously  the cleaning work and then they begin the work of cleaning house. The cleaning work includes:


  • Mopping


  • Wiping


  • Dusting


  • Cleaning of doors and windows includes in the basic package.


  • Cleaning of bathing and toilet areas


  • Kitchen cleaning and many more


  • Deep Cleaning Packages: NYC Cleaning Service recommends these package to those who have not take the services before or if their place is not cleaned properly for at least six months or so. In such homes deep cleaning packages are required because of the deep cleaning of the house and the hidden areas of such a house. As there are several places in almost every house which are very difficult to reach in which case it gets very complicated to clean such area. So, that’s why such places left untouched for several months, that’s the reason deep cleaning is needed over there to clean the place appropriately. We also advise people that if they are taking the services at the very first time they have to take the deep clean package for their homes for the perfectly sanitized cleaning.


  • Move in/ Move out packages: These packages are required by those people who are  permanently shifting from a place to another whether they are tenants or owners. Sometimes renters  are require cleaning services for their house which they are going to leave, because this is the demand of the owner to clean up their house in a proper manners, which also meets the standards of the owner and sometimes few of the owners don’t return back the security amount submitted to them because of the cleanliness reasons. Once the house is cleaned and the owner is satisfied with the clean ups, they will return back the deposited security amount to the tenant.


  • We are dedicated to our customers as our vision is to provide all-inclusive, NYC Cleaning Service to them by utilizing  eco friendly products and tools, in an attempt to produce pollution free, healthy and protected atmosphere for our clients. The main objective of the corporation is to provide the paramount brilliance of cleaning services which are also affordable in costing as it comes in the budget and hence can be availed by the entire populace of the society.


  • NYC Cleaning Service too offers dependability, experienced and distinct services. The team of cleaning people and organizers always keep in touch with their clientele by the verbal communiqué and execution of services. This typical communication and management influences our personnel to work hard in a dexterous ways.


  • Our consumers admire the attentiveness to piece performed by the personnel’s in all services offered by our NYC Cleaning Service and the teams of experts are passionate to prove our significance to the people.


  • Neat and tidy homes or office places are admired by everyone, everyone likes to visit such places which are sanitized and sparkling like anything. Positive vibes stays in such places, usually people feel stress free/ tension free when they stay in such places and calm and sanitized surroundings makes them healthy and fit forever.


  • The services which are done by the help of eco-friendly products have numerous benefits for the corporate sites sited within the town/ city. Our clients will earn the profit from the enhanced internal atmosphere dominance and entire cleanliness of the location/ place.


  • If someone is looking for the well-organized services, don’t wait more just call NYC Cleaning Service for the entire cleaning work done in a minimum period of time or  people can also visit our website. All the essential  information is obtainable on our website, people just need to visit the official website, enter the required service information and submit, our entities will soon call them for the further assistance and they can call us too on the given contact numbers on our website. We are just a click away from our customers.


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