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We constantly provide the highest level of outstanding Housekeeping service compared to the other competitors in our industry. We assure that our clients will be provided the best service at a reasonable cost.


·         Households usually require maid services on the regular basis. Certain home owners need weekly cleaning and some of them require monthly clean ups. Similarly, our recurring clients generally select required services based on bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly schedules for their homes 


·         One time home cleaning services are also available with us, as well as a cleaning after moving out or before moving in to a new home. 


·         The main objective of our company is to provide remarkable service that meets clients' highest expectations. Our cleaning packages consists of almost every task that one would put on a household cleaning check list. . Our clients receive instant price and time estimates needed for performing various cleaning work at their home.


·         We offer the use of the price calculator which is accessible on our website to calculate how much a certain cleaning package would cost and the estimated time required to perform the cleaning. We promise one hundred percent client satisfacton in our work. 


·         Housekeeping work is performed by an extremely qualified team who are constantly prepared and fully equipped to provide the highest quality of service.


·         We ensure that our employees are knowledgable in their skills and, above all, are trustworthy which allows our clients to be confident that their home is in good hands. 


·         We offer excellent cleaning packages by teams consisting of one or two employees equipped with brand name cleaning products and tools that are essential for making a house look pristine.


·         Our company offers different cleaning packages at very reasonable rates that can fit anyone's budget. These cleaning packages can also be customized to fit a certain households needs - certain add ons can be added to a Basic Cleaning package, for instance, providing a more extensive cleaning without having to order an entire Deep Cleaning package. 


·         We have a massive customer base that is growing constantly. The greatest proof of our excellent service is the number of repeat clients who turn to our services time after time. Many of the people were refered by our already existing clients, who are always satisfied with their cleaned homes. 


·         The team of cleaners assures that each part of the house is carefully and systematically cleaned. The important part of the cleaning process is to remove the dust as well as other pollutants which can cause severe allergies. Having various surfaces in the house cleaned on a regular basis prevents the build up of these allergens and could significantly alleviate the allergy symptoms of the household members. 

Housekeeping services



·         Our cleaning packages consist of tasks that will ensure that even the smallest amount of dirt is eradicated from the house. The clients appreciate the bullet point list of tasks displayed on our website, which our cleaning technicians follow at each cleaning job. 


·         We also provide custom cleaning packages based on clients requirements, as long as it's within the frame of the tasks our employees are trained to perform. For instance, we are offering various packages for different household needs such as Deep Cleaning package, Move-in/Move-Out package and Basic Cleaning. 


·         Basic Cleaning -  A clean house is certainly appreciated and offers a peace of mind. Messy household can lead to various health troubles, tensions, and stress.  Over time cleaning up can become a Herculean task. Ordering our Basic cleaning on a regular basis alleviates the stress and the physical input of having to clean yourself. 


·         Deep Cleaning package - clients might need to clean their homes whenever they are required to. There are numerous places in almost every house, which are neglected for months and not cleaned on a regular basis. Or perhaps there are areas that are not easy to get to, such as behind the couch, beneath the bed area, around the perimeter of the rooms. Also tasks such us cleaning inside the refrigerator and freezer, inside the oven, and many other similar places don't necessarily get cleaned every week.  Our Deep cleaning package ensures that these areas get attention, which is why this package is a lot more time consuming as it requires a lot more energy. The price is still affordable and the clients can take advantage of this package on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 


·         Move-out/Move-in Packages- We also provide Housekeeping for one time basis for clients that are moving in our out of a house. Majority of the landlords legally require the apartment or house to be returned to a pristine condition before the tenant moves out. Many clients prefer having their new place thoroughly cleaned before they move in. In either case, this cleaning package is perfect for those needs. 


We offer efficient services for the clients 6 days a week. Detailed information can be found on our website or by calling the number listed online. The team of expert cleaning technicians will be sent to your doorstep in no time. We also work on some of the holidays for our clients convenience, so that they can manage the entire cleaning process at ease. Our extensive cleaning packages will transform a messy house to one that you will love 'to come home to'. 


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